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Arrived Wednesday afternoon around 4 p. m. 

Checked into the hotel and then headed down to Conference Center and picked up our Registration packet.

I entered my model into 810 - Humor in Modeling

However, Pink sustained a little damage (due to someone who shall remain nameless) careless driving that caused the crate to shift, turn over an open cooler and soaked the dog and backseat with ice cold water.  Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper at that moment.   

I had to scramble to the vendor area to get some glue to repair the nose gear with success. 

Thursday started with checking out "Pinkalicious" to ensure the repairs held up and was happily surprised to find that Fine Scale Modeler wanted to photograph her!  Ed and Jonne Sveum arrived this morning, and Ed helped me get Pink over to the Fine Scale Modeler photographer.

Next we perused ALL the vendor rooms and made a couple of purchases. 

Talked to a number of vendors about our show but passed out business cards to them all.

We went on a Tour of the Strategic Air Command Museum in Ashland, Nebraska about 20 miles from the venue.  What is so striking is when you walk into the museum is the SR71, definitely grabs your attention.  

They had BBQ catered and then we all leisurely strolled through the museum.  Some very interesting aircraft however the lighting wasn't that great for photography.  They had a cockpit display of a B-52 and visitors were welcome to sit in it.  We had been talking to one of the participants who was 82 years old and said that he flew the B-52 and he climbed into the pilots seat and Clark climbed into the co-pilots seat and listened intently to him describing the controls (a highlight for him for sure).  I am standing in front of a B-17.  I was surprised that it was smaller than I thought it would have been, but it is still a formidable aircraft.

Friday was very laid back, but busy in the contest room with last minute entries coming in.  It was estimated that there were over 2000 entries into all the different categories.  Took photos of our sponsorship category 501 and I have them posted.  Since the vendor rooms and contest rooms were shut down early for judging.  It was like a big mixer in the lobby of the hotels and bars.  I met up with a couple of folks with the Marietta Club, Ed and Jonne joined us for dinner at Johnny's Steakhouse that has been serving steak and prime rib since the 20's.  Nice evening for dinner and conversation.   Clark was in the judging room all evening and arrived back in our suite near midnight.  Late night but a good one. 

We packed up early Saturday morning and headed back to Atlanta.  (Of course "Pinkalicious"  didn't win anything but I didn't expect it to either).  I was just happy it got photographed by Fine Scale Modeler!    Glad to be home! 

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